Compressed Air Filters


Even in today’s high-tech world, compressed air remains the primary power source for industry. Because it has many advantages over other types of energy, an increasing number of applications for compressed air are still being discovered.

Unfortunately, compressed air is subject to contamination from the atmosphere and the compressor itself. This results in corrosion and other related problems, which inevitably lead to system and equipment failure.


The Ultimate in Compressed Air Filtration When it comes to keeping compressed air clean and oil-free, no one fits the bill like ICAS Technolab. ICAS Technolab’s advanced line of coalescing filters for compressed air systems offers a rare blend of exceptional performance, proven reliability and uncommon value.

The ICAS Technolab compressed air filter product line covers a full range of products to handle virtually any flow rate and operating condition. Our array of high-efficiency coalescers, particulate/general purpose coalescers, and adsorptive carbon filters offers solutions to virtually all compressed air filtration applications.