Refrigeration & Natural Gas Separators

Special inorganic materials are required for the construction of properly functioning oil separators in refrigeration and natural gas compressor packages.

In these units, gases other than air (such as Freon, ammonia or natural gas) are being com-pressed and mixed with lubricating oil which still must be removed prior to use of the gas.

These types of gases, along with ancillary materials often contained in natural gas, are not suitable for typical oil separator construction, and care must be given to the proper selection of all materials in order to ensure proper functioning of the separator.

ICAS-Technolab has the longest history of successful oil separation technology for this field.

From the coalescing materials to the sealing methods used, you can be confident in oil separators for refrigeration and natural gas purchased from ICAS-Technolab.

A wide range of standard sizes are available, as well as a broad capability to produce elements custom-suited for your specific application.